Should You Hire a Resume Writer to Write Your Resume?

should you hire a resume writerOn average I give each resume that I look at a solid 20-30 seconds.  This usually involves a quick read of your profile, a glance at your positions and the companies that you have worked at and finally a quick look at page 2 of your resume. If your resume reads well and has what I am looking for then usually I will give you a call.

The question for you, is how to make sure that your resume is good enough for me to pick up the phone and give you a call? One way you could give yourself the best opportunity is to have your resume written by a professional.

Having your resume written by a professional makes sense.  If you have problems with your health or your car, I am sure you would go and see a professional, wouldn’t you, so why don’t you visit a Professional Resume Writer to get your Resume Written Professional.

Should you hire a Resume Writer, well that choice is really up to you.  Below are my Top 7 reasons to for why you should hire a Resume Writer to Write your Resume.  


PersonalHave you ever tried to write in a professional manner about yourself? Its actually really difficult to find the right words to use and and lets be honest, for the majority of us its really difficult to get self promotion right without sounding to arrogant.  A resume writer will help with this and will know all the right words that will ensure that you come across confidently without sounding too arrogant.


Resume’s Change over TimeResume designs have changed over the last 20 years.  What used to be a well formatted resume in the past may not be now.  Unless you understand these changes no matter how good the information on your resume is, you will not get the desired results.  Professional Resume writers keep up to date with any changes in their market.


Resume Formats Differ from Industry to Industry – A resume deigned for the I.T. Industry will look very different to a resume designed for a Sales Role.  I am not a great fan of creative resumes, however if you’re applying for a design related position, a creative resume will work better than a standard resume.  A resume writer will be able to help you ensure that you resume is both creative and professional.


Action Words – Resume Keywords are hugely important, but you need to use the right Keywords in the right format. Writing you’re a “Team Player” means nothing on your resume as 99% of candidates use this word on their resume. If you go onto explain how you’re a team player by helping, training or guiding your team, then this will help to ensure that your resume stands out. A Resume writer will ensure that the right keywords are used with the right explanations.


Lack of Writing Skills – Lots of candidates that I have met in the past are fantastic business men and women.  If you ask them about their industry, they can in detail talk to you for hours, however trying to get that information down on paper in the right context is virtually impossible due to any number of reasons from poor writing skill set, to learning disabilities or as with most candidates they find it difficult to be objective to their own careers.  Resume writers help to understand your career and what you have achieved and help to get this down on paper.


Time and Stress – Your resume should be a masterpiece and something that you an be proud of.  To write a great resume will take time even if you’re an accomplished writer. For most of us, the process will involve a lot of reading, followed by a number of writes and re-writes and then a discussion with friends or colleagues to make sure its right.  For many candidates they do not have the time to complete this and therefore a Resume Writer takes the Time and Stress away from writing a resume.  


A Resume Writer will Know what Recruiters are Looking For – There are resumes and then there are resumes and you need to make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd and ensure the right information is in the right place and can been viewed easily.  Remember recruiters will look at your resume for a maximum of 30 seconds before making a decision on whether you’re the right candidate for a role.  Unless they see the right information in the right place, you resume will be deleted quickly.


Resume writers get a lot of stick on the internet.  If you google “why NOT to use a resume writer” you will get far more hits than if you goodle “why TOO use a resume writer”.  A good resume writer is worth their weight in gold and can save you a lot of time and effort which is a small price to pay for your dream Job.