How to Prepare for an Interview – The Day Before

How to Prepare for an Interview - The Day BeforeYour interview is tomorrow.  Its your chance to really show what your like as a person, as a colleague and what skills and knowledge you have.  However to make sure the interview goes well, you are going to have to prepare for an interview.

You have taken my advice, and completed your research on the company where you will be interviewing, you have made some notes and overall have a good feeling that you know as much as you can about the company, its culture (how to tell what a companies culture is like), and have found out as much information on the person who will be interviewing you as you can.



The Nerves start to Kick In


The day before your interview is when the nerves really start to kick in especially when its important to you.  If this is your dream job and you really want it, then your most likely going to be nervous.  Nerves are displayed in many forms, however the most common, are sweaty palms, shaking, increased heart rate, and the sweats.  Its important to remember that some nerves before an interview are a good thing as they will keep you on the edge, however you will need to keep them under control, as nerves are also the Number One cause of a poor performance during interviews.


The Solution


The solution to these pre-interview nerves is preparation – “Prepare for an Interview“.  Below you will find my Top 9 things to do, the day before an interview to make sure that you perform you to your best.


  • Read your notes that you have taken on the company.  You are unlikely to remember everything, however you need to make sure that you can give a good one-to-two minute speech on who the company is and what they do.
  • Read the Job Description a few times and try to familiarise yourself with what the responsibilities are for this role and how your experience matches.  Think of examples that you could use to show that you have the knowledge.
  • You will be asked to tell the interviewer about yourself, so make sure that you have a good 1-2 minute speech that you can give that will impress the the interviewer.  My advice is to keep it short and to the point, and make that you do not give your life story.  
  • Practice answering interview questions out allowed. When I have to do a presentation often I will practice the presentation in-front of a mirror.
  • Think about questions that you need to ask at the end of the interview.  There is nothing worse than a candidate who thinks he knows everything within the first hour and therefore does not need to ask any questions.  Here are my posts on what questions to ask part One and what questions to ask part Two
  • Plan the route – Make sure that you know how you are getting to the interview. If you are going to drive, make sure you know how to get there and roughly how long it will take.  There is nothing worse for the nerves than knowing your going to be late.
  • Get a good nights sleep – Cramming information into your brain over night does not work and you need to make sure that you get a good 8 hours sleep before the interview.


My previous post on What Preparation you need to do a week before the interview is here and the last post in this Series, What you need to do on the day of the Interview to ensure that you are fully prepared is here.