Top 25 Job Search Tools

Job Search Tools

Trying to find a new job can often be a really difficult process either because you’re trying to find a new job whilst working and cannot spend as much time as you need to or because you don’t know where to start.

My advice has always been to use your network, friends, ex-colleagues and anyone that you know as this is the best way to find a new job.  A recommendation directly to an employer will go along way to help you find that new job.

After you have used your network, the next move is to start using Job Boards and applying to companies directly.  See if you can find a selection of Niche Job Boards for your specific career as they will be able to help you best.  If you want to apply to companies directly, firstly make a list of companies that are in the same sector as your previous work is in and apply to these as a first priority.  Companies will always look at candidates that have relevant work experience from the same sector as themselves.

As a last resort you can target recruitment companies.  Often recruitment companies will not be able to help as they are being paid a fee from their client to find the perfect candidate.  Unless you are exactly what a recruitment company is looking for, unfortunately they are not going to be able to help you.

Below I have outlined my 25 Job Search Tools Online that will help you with your job search.  Everything is included from resume advice and career advice websites, to company reviews and salary surveys.  






Resunate is a Resume Scoring System that helps to improve your resume for a specific job opportunity by ensuring that your Resume passes a companies ATS Programs (Applicant Tracking System). Whilst I am not sure personally how much I agree with this program, there is a great post in lifehacker explaining how an ATS program works. This software helps you to beat it, however it’s not free.



Praux is a fantastic Online Community that helps each other by giving advice and providing tips and techniques to improve your resume and help you find a new job.  The community consists of resume experts, career advice specialist, recruiters and hiring managers all offering some great free advice.


ResumeSocialResume Social

Resume Social is an online resume community where you can post your resume and actively get feed-back, whether good or bad on how to improve your resume.



BestSampleResumeBest Sample Resume

Best Sample Resume does it exactly what it says – It gives examples of resume for lots of different professions from an Accountant to a Help Desk Manager, to a Dentist. It’s nothing special, but does give some great advice.



CareerAdviceOnlineCareer Advice Online

Career Advice online is a UK focused career website with everything you need to choose your next career, write CV’s and prepare for interviews.




Yaaze is new brand of Social Job searching where you create an online profile based on a set criteria such as location, experience and your salary expectations.  When job adverts match your set criteria you will be automatically notified.  Employers can also use Yaaze to search for candidates based on their set criteria and therefore have a much better chance of find the perfect candidate for them.



Razume is an online resume platform with a slight difference.  You can upload your resume, get critical advice from the online resume community and once you feel you have the perfect resume, send it out directly to a number of job boards.


MyPlanMy Plan

My Plan helps candidates to make decisions on their education and careers by helping you to explore all options.  The website is fully independent and unbiased and has been developed around an online community that allows members to share their experience and exchange opinions.



CareerOneStopCareer One Stop

Career One Stop is an online website that answers the question – What’s it like to work in a specific field. Here you can find video’s showing the type of work that people do in over 550 different jobs.



CareerPathCareer Path

Career Path in an Job Search Tool that will help you find a new career based on your needs and interests.  Career Path provides a selection of tests that give you advice on your career path, what a specific job actually does and your options for a career change.



CVTrumpetCV Trumpet

CV Trumpet is a CV Platform specifically designed for the UK Job Market where your CV is sent out to upwards of 8K recruiters based on a specific criteria.  CV Trumpet is a great source of candidates in the UK that I have personally used in the past so make sure that your CV is registered with them.


TheRecruiterNetworkThe Recruiter Network

The Recruiter Network is the same as above although with the focus being to the US market.  At present they have over 30K different recruiting companies added to their database and there is an option to have your resume emailed out to recruiters within your specific niche.



Climber is a tool that sets out to introduce candidates to hiring managers and recruiters and provides a ton of information that allows you to find an in-depth review of a company, what jobs they have, how much they pay.  This is both a free and paid service, although whilst the paid service is very good it does cost $39,00 per month.


InterviewBestInterview Best

Interview Best has a wealth of information to help you with you’re job interviews.  Whether you need help before the interview, during the interview or after the interview this website has lot of fantastic information. 



JibberJobberJibber Jobber

Jibber Jobber is a career management Job Search Tool that has been designed to help you find jobs, network, and organize your job search.  The software allows you to record any information that you collect during your job search, track companies that you have applied to and find jobs using their in-house job search tool.  There is both a free service and a paid service, but the free service is very good so there is no reason to upgrade.


JobBoardReviewsJob Board Review

Job Board Reviews is a website that provides an online guide to job boards.  The platform is designed to help job seekers find their perfect job board for their chosen career.  Job Board Reviews provides a lot of information about job boards, such as number of jobs posted, traffic stats and the number of resumes on the job board.



LinkedIn provides a wealth of information on companies, their employees and their job titles providing you with a ton of information that you can use for your job search.  Networking is now made very easy given that you can easily find networking opportunities to enhance your job search.


Salary.comSalary is a website that provides a wealth of information on Salaries within companies.  The website allows you to search companies and find out what the average salary they pay is, or search to find out what the average salary is for a specific career.


SalaryBaseSalary Base

Salary base in an online platform that allows user to calculate what their salary should be by sharing anonymous salary data for different job profile.  Once you have entered all your experience into the software it will calculate what your salary should be.



SalaryScoutSalary Scout

Salary scout is very similar to the above platform and allows you to see if the salary that you have been offered is as good as it should be compared to other people with similar job titles and experience.



VirtualJobCoachVirtual Job Coach

Virtual Job Coach is a platform that provides you with a set of tools and guidance to help candidates with their job search and to make this process as fast as possible.  The platform provides tools to help with writing resumes and cover letters, finding great job boards and tracking applications, job searches and building connections to network with.  The service is not free with prices starting at $9.95 per month.


GlassdoorGlass Door

Glass Door is a career community platform that provides candidates with an in-depth look inside different companies and careers.  The information within this website is all employee generated however take any bad reviews with a pinch of salt.  Bad news travels much faster than good.




Vault is another jobs and career community offering very similar information to glass, however Vault has tried to broaden itself into more of a career advice website by offering job, career advice and company news.




LinkUp is one of the fastest growing job board aggregator platforms on the internet.  The platform links with thousands of other job boards to provide you with over one million active jobs in 100’s of different disciplines. is very similar to the above website given that it’s a fast growing job board aggregator however rather than being focused on US jobs, this job aggregator is focused on world wide jobs and currently offers over five million active jobs.





If you know of any other Job Search Tools, please do make a comment below.  I am always interested in to hear of of any other Job Search Tools that can help my candidates.




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