How do you Know if an Interview went Well

How do you know if an interview went well

So you have been for an interview, you think it went well.  You liked the company, the role, the salary is right for you and you can see where the role will progress in the next three to five years, but how do you know if an interview went well ?  Are there any ways that you can tell whether you are getting your hopes up for nothing or if you are going to actually get this job.


The truth is that even if an interview went well and the employer liked you, you may still get rejected.  A lot of “finding a new Job” is about lady-luck and whether you are in the right place at the right time.  Even you if you connected well with the interviewer, have the knowledge, skills, experience and history that the employer is looking for you still might not get the job.


Whilst not full-proof and of course there will be exceptions to these clues, below I have tried to give you some clues that you can use to work out if an interview went well or not.

11 Signs to give you an idea if an Interview went well


Body Language – The interviewer’s arms are open which means they are relaxed in your presence.  Having the same body language could mean that you are synched together and therefore will work well with each other.


Interviewers Presence – What did the interviewer look like?  We can all give that “i am bored” look very easily.  Taking phone calls, and generally not paying attention to you or what your saying is not good.


Interview Length – Typically my interviews will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.  If a candidate is not good, usually I can get this down to 25 minutes if I know the candidate is no use to me.


The interviewer try’s to sell you the position – When I know someone is right for a role I will spend extra time explaining the advantages of the role and where it can take them to next.


You are introduced other members of the team or shown around the office.  I would not waste my time doing this with someone I did not want to impress and therefore employ.


The interviewer spends a lot of time answering your questions – Again another great sign that the interviewer is interested in you and wants to make sure that you understand the role and the company.


They asked you when you can start or interview again – This is a very common question, however I think its a good sign when its asked by an employer.  


Your Salary expectations are asked and discussed – Another very common question, however one that I think if time is taken to discuss the salary, package or benefits then is a good sign.


The interviewer gives you their business card and says “call me with any questions’ – This shows the interviewer is interested in making sure you have all the answers.


You have discuss personal topics – Successful Interviews are largely about making sure you have the right personality therefore if the interviewer starts talking about life or sharing jokes then this is probably the best sign that you can have.


You hear from your references that the employer has called.  Taking reference is really time consuming and unless I am serious about a candidate I would not do this.


If you are reading this and thinking back to your interview and the answer to many of the signs is “yes” then most likely you have done well, however there is still a chance that you will not get invited for interview or the job and in this case lady-luck was against you this time and you need to pick yourself up and keep going.

If you have answered “no” to the majority of these questions, most likely you will not be invited for another round of interviews or get the job.  In this case you need to step back and have a think about how you can improve yourself for the next interview.  Maybe you need to change your body language to come across as a more friendly person, maybe you need to prepare more and ask better questions ( See my “what questions to ask at interview” recommendations here Part 1 and Part 2) or maybe this was not the right company for you and you should move on to the next.

Whilst’s its important to be aware of the above, you also need to make sure that you are not continuously thinking about each and everyone one of these signs during an interview.  It will drive you crazy and most likely you will come across completely false and un-natural.  It is helpful to be aware of yourself during the interview so that you can make adjustments if needed, however its also very important to relax and try to be yourself and concentrate on answering the interviewers questions to the best of your ability.

After the interview has finished you can use your personal instincts the check on how well you think the interview went.  You will most likely be correct with whatever your thinking.

If your the right candidate, they will call, if not they will not and need to pick yourself up and move on.








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