How do you Know if an Interview went Badly?

How do you Know if an Interview went BadlyHow do you know if an interview went badly? Tough question, however for those that have been to interviews recently its a question that I am sure you have asked yourself.  

On daily basis I organise interviews for my candidates to meet employers that have interesting opportunities that they think could be attractive for them.  Before the candidate goes in for an interview I will speak with them and brief them on any areas that I think they should remember, ensure that they are fully prepared and usually wish them some luck for the interview.

Once they have come out of the interview, I ask the candidate to phone me directly and let me know that their interview has finished so that I can try and get some feed-back, but also to find out how it went.

Here is the problem.  How do you know if an interview went Badly?


Actually is very difficult to really know how well an interview went, but much easier to tell if an interview went badly.  There are lots of signs that you can use, however below are my Top 10.

The Interview does not Last Long – I think the average interview length should be around 45 minutes, however if the candidate is not very good, I can easily get this down to 20 minutes.


No Business Card is Given – Yes there are times when I forgotten my business cards, however if I think candidate is any good, I would give him my business card and ask him to call me with any problems.


The Interviewer Keeps taking Phone calls – This shows that the interviewer really has no interest in speaking with you and would prefer to get on with their work.


There is No Mention of the Next Stage even When Questioned – At the end of every interview, you need to ask the question, “what is the next stage“.  If there is no response or the response is, “our HR will follow up with you”, most likely the interview has not gone well.


The Interviewer Looks Bored – We can all give that “I am bored look” when we need to and if an interviewer looks bored and is not really paying any attention to what you are saying, most likely the interview is not going very well.


The Interviewer does Not Tell you Anything about The Company or Job – Yes you can ask questions, however if an interviewer does not tell you about the company or role, most likely they are not interested in you.


The Interviewer does Not Really Answer your Questions – Most interviewers will ask if you have any questions at the end of the interview however only if they are really interested in you will they answer them with the best of there ability.


As Soon as the Interview Finishes there Off - leaving you either still sat in the room or trying to catch them up.  Someone who is interested in you will show you to the door and shake your hand before you leave.


The Interview Tells you that Your Not Right for the Role - This is an obvious one, but its happened before that candidates have been told during an interview that they are not right for the role.


You were NOT Shown around the Office or Introduced to other Team Members – If I really like someone I will often show them around the office and introduce them to other members of my team for a second opinion.  If this does not happen to you, probably your not right for them.



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